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Hello friends, welcome to dailynewlearn.com. The mission of dailynewlearn.com is to help the people all over the world in a simple english language.

On this  dailynewlearn.com you will learn about internet, technology, apps & software, social networks, blog , blogging, website, android, mobile, computer, iphone, motivation, health etc. We will try to help you on more topics.

About Dailynewlearn.com
I have started this blog dailynewlearn.com on 2018 but started working from 2019. Our mission is to help the people or world. We want to spread the knowledge with world in simple language through this dailynewlearn.com.

Nowadays peoples are dependent on internet. Everything first we are searching on internet. Still most of the people they don't know about internet , technology and others and they are facing some problems. So, our missions are to help that peoples who don't know about technology and they want to learn.

Our full tries are to help the people how to do anything. On this dailynewlearn.com people can learn anything easily which is available on this blog Dailynewlearn.com in simple english language.

We know most of the peoples in the world they don't know english very well. We are trying to help that peoples specially who don't know english very well and they want to learn about internet technology and others.

I'm sharing my knowledge on these topics on Dailynewlearn.com. in future we'll expand more.

How To : In this category you'll learn about how to do anything on internet. How to use any application, anything related to How to questions.

Android: On android category you'll learn about android phone, android application, solutions related to Android devices. Most of the peoples are using android devices so, many peoples have many problems related android. I'm trying their problem related to android on dailynewlearn.com in android category.

Internet: There are too much things on android and most of the peoples they don't know how to use internet in computer and mobile. How to get advantages of internet. Because it's the time of internet, nowadays most of the things is available on internet.

Apple | iPhone: Many peoples are also using iPhone and apple brand. Here on Apple | iPhone category I'm sharing about iPhone and apple related products informations.

Apps & Softwares: In this category I'm sharing an information about android applications, iPhone application, computer applications, how to use android application, how to use iPhone application, how to use a computer application. Informations about android, iPhone and computer software.

Computer: Nowadays everyone has a computer. Mostly things we are doing by the help of a computer, so many peoples are also facing too much problems related to a computer and technology. In this category I'm sharing an information about computer technology and solutions of problem related to Computer.

Social networks: On this category you'll get information about Social media like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat etc. How to use social networks, how to get advantages of social networks.

Microsoft & Windows: On this category I'm sharing information about Microsoft products, Microsoft services, how to use Microsoft features, etc.

About me
It's me Ram Bihari yadav, my Nick name is Prashant Yadav. I'm from janakpur Nepal. Iam a owner of this blog dailynewlearn.com. Also i'm a civil engineering student. i have created this blog to share my knowledge with the world in a simple language as much as i know.

I feel pleasure to share my knowledge with the world. Iam not a pro blogger, but i have too much interest in blogging, mobile , computer, technology etc. Never stop learning, always visit dailynewlearn.com to learn something new.

If i have made any mistake on this blog which is harmful then i'm sorry for it and inform me, we will improve our mistake.

If you have any query about our blog then contact me on this email hancyprashant143@gmail.com
Or on Facebook: irbyadav , on Twitter: @ Irbyadav