How to create a Google doc or docs and use it full details

Hello friends, welcome to in this article today will learn about, how to create a Google Doc and how to use it.

In this article we’ll cover all these given topics:

• Introduction of google docs
• Importance of google docs
• how to create google docs from computer, android and iPhone or mac

• How to use Google docs
• How to download google docs
• how to login into google doc
• how to share google docs
• how to create google docs form
• how to download and use Google docs app
• Google docs drive connect.
• word count google docs
• And many more.

Let’s know the introduction of Google docs

Introduction of Google docs

Google Docs is a great service of Google, which we can easily use online, and can send it to anyone through the Gmail directly at real time.

We can use Google Docs in many works like product work, project work, paper work, school / college work. Balance sheet, question and form, to write a letter, resume , google sheets, etc.

Earlier, we used to work offline on computers and due to the computer crash, a lot of our data was lost.

In the case of Google docs there is no more risk of data lost problem, Google Docs automatically save your data if you have internet connection in your computer or mobile phone.

If we know the half work of any project and we want to get it done by someone else, then with the help of Google Docs we can easily get it done. 

Importance of Google doc

You can easily create, edit and share the documents easily with help of Google docs. 

There are a variety of options in Google doc to create awesome documents, letter, resume and other form and share it google docs directly through Gmail email or any other email like Yahoo email and others.
Google docs will automatically save your documents, then you can edit and access it from any device.

Google Docs is also more helpful for group work.

Method 1:

How to create a Google doc

By using this method, you can create a Google docs in your computer  Android phone or iPhone.

To create a Google Doc read and follow all these steps properly.

Step1: Open Google docs official site or page.

Open trusted internet browser like chrome, Firefox, internet explorer, safari, etc.

Type in the web address of your browser. Be sure there will not be any mistake in the link like www google docs or docs google com

If you want to type this link in google type or like this.


> Open google chrome browser, go to home page of the browser. A Home button is in the upward left-hand corner of the screen in the chrome browser.


Open in your chrome browser then,

> Click on 9 dotted rectangular square icon, it’s in the upward right corner of the screen at left side of your Gmail profile picture.

   • There will appear all the Google services, if you can not find Google docs, there is an option more from Google, tap on it. Then google docs will appear there.

> Hit Google Docs. Its icon is with 4 horizontal white lines on a blue color background. The length of last line is smaller than other three lines.

Step2: Click on Docs.

  • at the home page of Google docs site, there are four options(Docs,Sheets,Slides,Form), click on the first option called Docs.

Step3: click go to google docs. There will open the google docs dashboard.

   • On the dashboard of there are few  templates provided by google docs. 

The templates will be something like these.

- Blank (with plus + symbol)

  • If you want to create a new word document in your own style, click on blank.

- Resume (Serif): if you want to make your resume documents in the serif font click on it.

- Resume (Corol): Also you can create your resume with Resume corol.

- Letter (spearmint): To write a letter document click on this template.

- Project Proposal (Tropic):  if you want to make a project related document then choose this template.

- Brochure (geometric): To create a geometric document or product Brochure go to with this template.

Note1: The template may not be same every time. It will may be change in the future.

Note2: If you are not logged in with a Google account in google docs, then first login into google docs with your Gmail account. If you do not know how to login into Google Docs, then we I’ll tell you further in this article.

Step4: Click on Blank (+) sign option.
Here I am going to create a word document, to create word documents click on Blank option. It’s in the left side of resume serif template.

How to create a Google doc and use it full details

Step5: start writing your documents like a letter report and others in the text box.

• after clicking on blank option, there will open a text box like a paper, click on that text box and write your documents like a resume letter, reports and others whatever you like.

• for example, here I am writing a short daily report of the products to our team members.

Daily report

Dear Team Members

     Dear team members iam going to inform you that today we cannot sell more products due to rainy weather.

  By: pRashanT

Features: there are available a lot of features in Google docs. You can use all that to make your documents stylish attractive and to complete your need in the document.

Let’s know how to use some features in your google documents.

Printer: there is a printer icon, to print a document click on that printer icon and print your documents through your printer machine directly.

Backward Button(↶):  if you type or add something accidentally in your google doc document and you want to make it as previous, then click on backward button and it will change same as before.

Forward Button (↷): If by mistake you have moved to the previous page and lost some text or file and you want to go to the next page to recover the lost text or file click on this forward button.

Normal Text: In google docs there is normal next option by default set by the google docs.

It means you are writing your document or text as a normal text , to give the heading, sub-heading and minor heading in your documents, select all the text or sentence by long press to which you want to give the heading, subheading or minor heading, then click on this Normal Text option.

Font(Arial): by default Google Docs set it in Arial Font. The document or letter or report you are writing in Google docs are in Arial font.

If you want to change this font in another font, then click on this Arial font option and there are lots of fonts like (Arial, Georgia, Helvetica etc.) Provided by Google docs select any one of them.

Bold(B): there is a Bold option with the symbol  dark black “B” in left side of italic style “I”. To bold any sentence or word, first select that word or sentence, then click on this Symbol B. It will make your text or sentence thick and dark black.

You can use this bold option unlimited times in Google docs to make your document bold, clear, attractive and for easy to understand.

Bold Example:

How to create a google doc

Italic (I):  there is an Italic option with the symbol dark black “I” in right side of Bold Option “B“. To to write italic sentence or word, click on this Symbol “I”.

You can also use this italic option unlimited times in Google docs to make your document clear, attractive and to understand any points easily.

Italic Example:

How to create a Google doc

Underline(U): underline also plays one of the best role in documents. You can also use underline in the Google doc to highlight the point or sentences. Underline means that your sentence or text will be written on a line.

Underlined example:

How to create a Google doc

Italic Bold: To make italic bold, first select your text or sentences which you wrote in Google docs, then click Bold option “B” then Italic option “I”. Italic bold means your text or sentences will be bold but in Italic style.

Italic Underline: To make Italic underline, first select your text or sentences which you wrote in Google docs, then click Italic option “I” then underline option “U”. Italic underline means your text or sentences will be underlined but in Italic style.

Italic underlined example:

How to create a Google doc

Underlined Bold: to make your sentence underline bold, first select that word or sentence, then click on Bold B after that underline U.

Underlined Bold example:

How to create a Google doc

Bold Italic Underline: to make your sentence bold, italic and underline in google docs, first select that word or sentence then click on Bold B after that Italic I then underline U.

Bold Italic underlined example:

How to create a Google doc

Text Color(A): To change the color of any sentence or text, select that sentence or word, then click on this Text color option A underlined Aand choose the suitable color.

You can make your documents more colorful and attractive in google docs by using these features. For example, iam coloring the sentence in blue.

Text color example: How to create a Google docs

Link: You must have seen in many websites, there is a small link in an article or post, After Clicking on that link opens another page or site. So, the same option is also in Google Docs.

You can also add a link of your site, page or any other affiliate link in the sentence or word of your document.

To add link, first select the word or sentence, then click on link option, then paste the other site or page link.

It will lead the people to another page or site.

Image: If you have some images and you want to insert them in the documents to understand easily or for more details. Then there is an image insert option in Google docs, you can easily insert your image from your phone or computer.

To insert the image in your Google doc, move the cursor where you want to insert the image in your document, then click the image icon and select images from your desktop and insert it in your google docs.

Alignments or Arrangement: There are various options of arranging your text in google docs. By using these alignments you could move your sentences or paragraph in the centre, left side, right side with different styles.

Lift side Alignment: To write your document or paragraph in the Left side, first all the sentences or paragraph to which you want to move or write in the left side, then click on left side alignment option.

To know which one is Left side alignment: In left side alignment icon there is five horizontal line three line is little larger in right side than other two lines.

Right side Alignment: To write your document or paragraph in Right side, first all the sentences or paragraph to which you want to move or write in Right side then click on Right side alignment option.

To know which one is Right side alignment: In Right side alignment icon there is five horizontal line three line is little bit larger in Left side than other two lines.

Centre: To move your paragraph and sentences click on this centre alignment icon or option. It will fit your text or paragraph in the centre of the screen. The centre icon is with five equal horizontal line. You can see it in the image.

Left Right and Center: This will make your sentences and paragraph to left, right and center. It means some sentence will be left side, some will be right side and some in the middle i mean in the center. 

It’s icon is with 5 horizontal line (first one is larger than second line , 3rd is also larger than second and fourth line but equal to first and fifth line. First, third and fifth line is equal and larger than second and fourth).

123 Line (Numeric Line): There is one 123 numeric line option, If you want separate points with a number in google docs, select all that points and click on this 123 Lines option.

There three horizontal line and at the left side of those three line there is number 1 2 3. 
This option will separate your points with number for example.

1. How to create a Google doc
2. Login into google docs
3. Google docs sign in
4. Google com docs
5. My google docs
6. Www google docs

Etc like this.

Point lines: it is also similar like a numeric separation line, the difference is it will separate your points with dots. Like,

• slides google docs
• google docs log in
• how to create a page in Google docs
• google docs download
How to change margin in google docs
• endgame google docs
Etc like this.

Edit: On the right side in Google Docs, you will see an edit option, by clicking on it you can re-edit your document and add anything.

Step6: Give the Tittle of your documents.
On the Google docs page, you can see an untitled document option in the top left side. Click on it and give the suitable Title of your document. This shows what is written inside this document.

How to create a Google doc and use it full details

Step7: Click share button.
In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, there is a blue colour share button with a lock icon click on it. 

How to create a Google doc and use it full details

There will open a window share with Others.

Step8: Enter the email address (in the email field) to whom you want to share this document.

How to create a Google doc and use it full details

• At the right side of the email address there is a pencil icon, click on it and choose any one of these options.

Can Edit: if you want them to edit or make in changes in your document, then select this option can edit. 

Can edit means the second person with whom you are sharing your document can change, edit or add anything in your document.

Can Comment: Can Comment means the second person to whom you are sharing this document can only read and give their opinion through the comment. 

They can not edit this document, so if you want other person can give their suggestions, good or bad feedback through comments, then select this option can comment.

Can view: If you will select this option, they can just read, cannot edit and comments.
So, select any of these which one is suitable for you.

Add a note: Write a short note here like (After checking and completing this document share me again). If you do not want to write, just leave it blank.

Step9: click Blue color send Button.
If you want to send the document through the link, then click the get shareable link. In the link sharing option also there you will see same options like can edit, can comment, can view, no access, etc.

> Just click on get shareable link, then copy the link and share it with your friends and others on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Now the document you have created in Google Docs is successfully sent.

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