How to Delete or Deactivate quora account permanently

Hello friends, welcome to, in this article we will learn about how to delete Quora account permanently, how to deactivate quora account, how to delete questions and answer on quora and many more.

How to delete or deactivate quora account permanently

In this article we will cover all these given topics.

• What is Quora
• How to delete Quora Account permanently
• How to deactivate quora account
• How to delete quora Account on iPhone and Android

-Advantage of deleting quora Account
- Dis advantage of deleting quora account
• How to delete Questions and Answers on Quora
• How to delete quora question
• How to Create Account on quora
• How to use Quora
• How to reset and recover forgotten quora password
• How to Quora in Android or iPhone

Let's know first about,

What is Quora in Short: Quora is one of the best American question and answer QnA sharing website.

There are a lot of questions and answers on Quora shared by the quora users. You can also post or share your questions and give the answer of any question on quora.

Nowadays mostly students are using the Quora, there are lots of people in the world are using Quora to get the answer of their entire question. 

Some peoples are using Quora for business purpose, also making money on Quora by sharing their knowledge and answers of quora questions.

Quora was started in June 2009. Now the Quora is serving a worldwide area with various languages. 

In Another article I will describe in details about what is Quora how to create an account on Quora and more.

Now let’s know about how to delete Quora account on your Android phone, iPhone and computer or laptop. People have many reasons  to delete their Quora account. 

Some people have a lot of Quora accounts, but some of them are not in use. Then they are thinking it will be better to delete the unusual Quora accounts. 

You’ll get a lot of notifications from Quora in your every quora registered email account and sometimes it's irritate us.

There are huge reasons available in this article why people want to delete their Quora account at advantages amd disadvantages section.

Now let’s know about how to delete Quora account, so read this article completely to understand the method of Quora account delete.

How to Delete Quora Account permanently 

In short:

1. Login into your Quora account.
2. Go to in Settings.
3. Click Privacy
4. Click Delete account.
5. Again click delete
6. Enter your Quora account password and verify it.

7. Click done.

Must know in details about deletion of quora account.

In Details:

Step1: Login in your Quora account.

   • first, go to in the login page of the Quora account in a web browser like chrome, safari, fire fox, uc browser and others.

   • To to reach at login page of quora enter or copy and paste this link in the web address of the browser.

> Enter Email Address. At Quora account login page first enter that email address in the email address Field, which you had used at quora account creating time. It may be a Gmail or yahoo email address and other.

> Enter Password: Type your password in the password field.

> Click on login.

If your quora account is created with account login as Google or Facebook, then click on login at Google or Facebook.

Step2: Go to in your profile. 

    • After login into your quora account find out your profile picture, you have set. If you have not set your profile picture, then find out the default profile icon.

How to delete or deactivate quora account permanently

STEP3: Click settings.

   • In Quora profile there is a settings option, Click  on settings.
How to delete or deactivate quora account permanently

STEP4: Click Privacy.

   • Settings there is a privacy between the account and Email & Notifications options. Click on it.

How to delete or deactivate quora account permanently

STEP5: Click delete account.

   • At the bottom of privacy settings there is a delete account option below the deactivate account. Click on delete account.

How to delete or deactivate quora account permanently

STEP6: Enter your password and verify it.

    • Enter your current Quora password to verify your account. If you created your Quora account with login as Google or Facebook, then the passport will not work. First you have to create a new password. 

   • If you have already created then enter that password to verify. To create a new Quora password follows these methods.

create new quora password :

> Click Create a new quora password.

  • there is an option above the password field called please, create a new password, click on it.

   • after clicking on create a new password, you will receive an email from Quora in your email address or Gmail account through which you have created your quora account.

> open email sent by the quora.

> click on quora password reset link.

    • if you could not find the email sent by the Quora, then refresh your email box or check important mail or all inboxes.

> Enter the new password and confirm the password again.

  • enter new Quora password, then again enter the same password and verify it.

Step7: Click Done.

   •  after entering Quora password click on button

Step8: Click Delete Account.
Scroll down in privacy setting, at the bottom of the privacy setting there is a delete account option, click on it.

Step9: Confirm Account deletion and click Delete button.

   • At confirm account deletion there is a blue colour delete button click on it. Now your quora account has been deleted.

Note1: To delete your Quora account permanently, don’t login in your account before 14 days of deletion, otherwise it will not be permanently deleted, again it’ll be recover your deleted quora account.

Note2: After deletion of your Quora account, other Quora users cannot access your data or information you have provided on Quora.

How to delete quora account in Android and iPhone

1) Open Quora official application in your phone.

   • There is written Q on the dark red color background of quora icon.

2) Login with your specific quora account you want to delete.

3) Tap on my profile.

4) Then, Tap on three horizontal menu.

5) Tap setting.

6) Tap privacy and scroll down.

7) Tap deactivate or delete quora account.

If you want to delete the quora account, then tap on delete account. If you just want to deactivate your account, then tap on deactivate quora account.

After password verification your quora account will be deleted or deactivated.

How to Deactivate Quora account

• Login into your Quora account.
• Go to in Settings.
• Click Privacy.
• Click Deactivate account.


Advantages of deleting quora account ?

Ans: There are no more advantages of deleting Quora account, if you have multiple quora account and you are not using any of them, then it will be better to delete unusual quora Account. No one can misuse from your quora account deleted.

Disadvantages of deleting quora account ?

Ans: Also there are no more disadvantages of deleting Quora account, if you will delete your quora account then you can give the and post the question answer on quora. You can edit nothing. Just you can read the other's questions and answers.

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