How to read or recover deleted Whatsapp messages full details

Read Deleted Whatsapp messages:                        

                   This teaches you how to read or recover  WhatsApp deleted message on your Android phone.

Sometimes we accidentally delete WhatsApp messages and then we want to read or recover that deleted messages.

How to read or recover deleted Whatsapp messages - Daily new learn

So let's know how to read or recover a deleted message on WhatsApp. Read this article properly and try to understand it.

How To Read or Recover Deleted message On WhatsApp ?

1. Open the Play Store.
        • first, open the Play Store its icon with a multicoloured triangle inside.

      • you'll typically find it on your home screen or in the app drawer.

2. Search Notisave.
      • search the application called notisave on your play store search bar at the top of your phone screen.

     • A list of results will appear or will open notisave application home page.

3. Download And Install Notisave.
     • select the application called notisave.

     • When you will tap on this Notisave application, then there will appear a bell icon with the full name "notisave - status and notifications saver" of the application called notisave.

How to read or recover deleted Whatsapp messages - Daily new learn

     • Tap on install there will appear a pop-up, tap on except.

     • It gives the permission to access files and application of your android phone.

4. Open Notisave application.
     • After completing the installation, open Notisave application.

     • To open this application tap on notisave bell icon on your home screen or in the app drawer.

5. Allow Notification.
    • On interface you will see there app instruction, skip it or swipe it  right to left until you get 'Allow access notifications?' pop-up.

How to read or recover deleted Whatsapp messages - Daily new learn

    •  There is two options that is Allow and Deny, tap on a allow it will notify you when anyone will message you.

How to read or recover deleted Whatsapp messages - Daily new learn

6. ON Notisave.
     • there will appear a pop-up, tap on next and the check mark on notisave check box in notification accessibility.

      • then there you will see  a notification that is the notification from selected app will be blocked on status bar. Tap on next.

7. Select WhatsApp.
     • all apps are selected there so, first deselect all apps and select WhatsApp only.

How to read or recover deleted Whatsapp messages - Daily new learn

8. Go to home page of Notisave.
      • go to homepage in notisave application and tap on the three line option which appear in left side on the top of the screen.

9. Tap on block notificacions.
     • tap on block notifications option and deselect all the apps, select WhatsApp only.

     • it will block your notification from selected apps on status bar.

      • then go back.

10.  Tap on Settings.
         • tap on settings, then tap on save notifications.  Deselect all the applications and select WhatsApp only.

       • it will save your notification from selected app on notisave.

       • then go back, again go back go to on homepage.

11. On mark notification as Read.

      • on homepage after application select new and enable mark notification as read. You can enable it by tapping on Bell icon.

How to read or recover deleted Whatsapp messages - Daily new learn

     •  now if anyone will message you on WhatsApp, then you can see it on notisave application.

     • if the message sender or you will delete the message, even you can see deleted messages and notifications on notisave application.

     •  to see deleted WhatsApp message just open notisave application and go to homepage, select new or chat and there you will see notifications and deleted messages which you have received from WhatsApp.

Let's know more about this application features and settings.

> Tap on the 3 line option.
    • go to homepage on notisave application, tap on the 3 line option which appear in left side on the top of your screen.

> Tap on settings.
        in General setting there is such type of options.

- switch dark mode. If you want to use this application into the dark mode, then tap on this option with dark mode and your application will open in dark theme.

   • about some options I have already told you so here I am mentioned missing options.

- Clear Data. If you want to delete your data which are saved on notisave application, then tap on this clear data option and it will remove all your messages and notifications from this notisave application.

- Passcode: if you want to secure your notisave application with a password, then tap on  passcode enable button.

     • enter your preferred password. Re - enter same password, then tap on OK.

     • after set password if anyone else wants to open this notisave application, they have to first enter the correct password.

About this app:

Notisave application says this application is the best notifications saver application. I have also used this application, it's great.

You can read WhatsApp messages and notifications without blue tick also this application save status easily.

You can also use date without hesitation it works properly.

Main Features:

- Autosave notifications shown in Noti-bar.
            •This application will automatically save notifications which shown in your phone status bar or Noti-bar.

- keep your Noti-bar clean.
    •  you can clean notifications from status bar or Noti-bar. Don't worry this application keep safe deleted or cleaned status bar notifications on notisave.

- search notifications from all apps at once.

   • In this application you can search any of your deleted or cleaned notifications and  messages which you have received from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and others applications.

- it support various applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp , Instagram and others.

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