What is WinRAR or RAR, Zip File | How to use it - Download winrar


  In this post, Dailynewlearn.com teaches you, What is Winrar file And how to use winrar. How to open RAR file in Winrar. How to lock RAR files by WinRAR.

What is WinRAR or RAR, Zip | How to use it - Download winrar | Daily new learn

If you are using the internet, Then you must have seen WinRAR or RAR file. You know about XML file and zip file, Rar file is also same like XML file and zip file.

When you download songs and  any files On internet. There you will see a Zip or RAR collection of all songs.

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Advantage of RAR or Zip Files:

Why people keep their songs or files in a zip or .rar files.?

      • Because of a lot of reasons people keep their songs and files in Zip folder or RAR folder. But The big advantage of Zip and Rar file is,
It keeps our file and document safe. It also compress the file Size.
So, you can share your file easily or in Short time with all over the world through an email or any other Zip file or rar send supporting file.

It also protects from corrupting our files. In rar files you can keep maximum files because rar compresses the file size.

Disadvantage of RAR files:

           • There are no more disadvantage of RAR file.But the problem you will face in RAR file. 

      • You cannot open it without WinRAR or any RAR extractor supporting files.

• By the help of WinRAR files you can open rar file.

What is Winrar:
        In simple language Winrar is the RAR reader software it helps to open any rar files. By using winrar software we can open any rar, Zip and others files.

Winrar is an advance software, you can keep large files in WinRAR. Winrar also compresses that file.

Main features of WinRAR:

- Open, create, compress and decompress files. In winRAR you can open any rar files, you can create .rar files also you can compress and decompress files in winRAR.

- Secure and Data encryption with a password. WinRAR secure  and encrypt your data.

- Split File into parts. You can split the files in various parts. Then will be easy to view and read.

- Collection in one folder. You can collect your various files in one folder by using winRAR.

- Fixing broken archives. You can fix or repair your broken or corrupted files, documents, folders.

How to download Winrar software:

You can download winrar latest or old version software for your PC from Google. Search 'Download Winrar' on Google. You can also download winrar from this given winrar download link.

Download winrar in your desktop then install it. Afer installed Winrar you can open all the rar and Zip files.

How to lock or secure you rar files by using Winrar:

1. Download and install Winrar.

     • First install winrar software in your desktop. Then open it.

2. Open your files and add to Archive.
        • Now add that files which you want to secure or lock from others. Then tap on right click.

3. Click on Add to Achieve.

4. Then click on Advance.

       • When you will click on Add to Archive option, then you will see such types of options.

       - General
       - Advance
       - Options
       - Files
       - Backup
       - Time
       - Comment

5. Click on set Password.
             • when you will open advance  option, then there you will a set password option. Click on that Set Password option.

6. Enter the password twice.
When you will click on Set Password, then there will be open a password window.

Type your preferred password into the password box, Then type the same password into the 'confirm password or re-enter password for verification Box' to the below of the first password box.

7. Click on OK button. After typed your password click on OK button.
8. Go To in General. Before save it, click on Browse and select the folder where you want to keep your zip or rar files.

9. Then come back back into advanced and click on Ok button.
Then your files, folder and document will be locked. When you will open your locked files, You need to enter the password which you have set. So, write your password on any notepad. Then, when you will forget your winrar password, you can see in your notepad.

By using this process you can read and open any rar files, folders, documents in win.rar.

I have tried to share my little knowledge with you in a simple language if I have made a mistake then please forgive me.

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