How to print from android mobile phone via USB cable or wireless network

If you want to print anything from your Android mobile, then this post is for you, Because in this post we will know about how to print anything from Android mobile phone. If you go out somewhere and you do not have a laptop or computer, And you want to print those documents which are in your Android phone then you can also print from your Android mobile phone. In this post we will know about how to print from your Android mobile phone using USB cable or Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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If your printer does not support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, then you can print by using USB cable from your Android mobile phone. So now let's know about how to print any documents from Android mobile phone.

How to print from any printer in Android mobile phone:

Using Print Share Application:

> first, install the application Mobile printer-print share from PlayStore.
      • Also you can download this application from given download link.

> Then open the printer share application.
      • When you will open the printer share application, you will see such type of options on the interface.

  - Pictures
   - Contacts
   - Calendar
   - Web Pages
   - Messages
   - Call Log
   - Gmail
   - Google Drive
   - Documents

> Below you will see a select option, Tap on that select option.

> Again there you will see such kind of printer options.

- Nearby Wifi: If you have connected your printer to Wi-Fi then you can select this option.

- Nearby Bluetooth: if you want to print by bluetooth, then connect your printer to Bluetooth and select an option.

- Direct USB Connected: if your printer is connected to USB then select this option.

- Google Cloud Print: if you want to print by Google Cloud, then select this option and connect your printer to Google Cloud.

- Printer Share Remote: if you want to print through a print share remote then select this option.

So here let's see through USB Cable printer.

Note: Before print anything first connect your printer with OTG.

> Then select direct USB connected option. There you will see your printer name, Tap on your Printer Name.
         • If your phone will not be connected with your printer, then your phone will scan your printer name.

> Then there will be open an user action required window. Also, there you will see a use generic option, tap on use generic option.

> Then again, there will be open a congratulation window and also there you will see two options.

    If you want to direct print without any testing, then Tap on Skip button.

Print test page:
                If you want to test your print before out then tap on this test print page. Then can see which type of print you will get by this printer.

> Tap on Skip Button.
           • Then again, you will enter on the interface and you will see same options.

-> Gallery: if you want to print any image, then tap on gallery and select the image.

-> Contacts: if you want to print your contacts then tap on contacts options. Select the contacts list.

-> Calendar: Also you can print your calendar date. To print it tap on calendar option and select the calendar date.

-> Web Pages: if you want to print any web pages then you search your page on this option. Then tap on print option.

-> Messages:  if you want to print your messages then select your message from Inbox or sent box. Tap on this option to print your message.

-> Call Log: if you want to print your call history or your call log then tap on this option and tap on print button.

-> Gmail: if you want to print anything from your Gmail account then tap on this option.

-> Google Drive: if your file is  stored in Google Drive and you want to print from there then like this option.

-> Documents: if you have any documents in your phone and you want to print it then tap on this option.

Here I am going to tell you by printing the image.

> To print the image, tap on Gallery option.

> Then select image which you want to print.

> By default A4 size Remain selected. Also, there will be one option button tap on that option button.

> Then you will see so many print option.
         • By the help of this option you can resize the picture, also you can change orientation, paper size, printer, scale, print out mode etc. You can change it according to your desire and needs.

> Then below you will see a print button, tap on that print button.

> There will be open a window and you will see such options.

Copies: in this option select the copies or number of pages you want to print.

Pages: in pages select All option. By default All Remain selected. So, change nothing, if you need to change it then you can change according to your needs.

> Then finally tap on Ok button.

Now you will see sending file number and percentage. When you will see printing completed successfully, then you will get your print out through your printer.

If you want to print any documents, calendar, contacts, messages, web pages etc, then you have to follow same method. By this method you can easily print your documents files images from your Android phone through any printer.

How to Print Through Hp printer service plugin in android device:

Same you have to follow above method to print anything from your Android device by using HP printer service plugin. But enable or turn On hp printer service plugin. To enable it follow this method.

> first you go to in HP printer service plugin setting.

> then go to in printing settings. Then in general setting there you will see HP printer service plugin.

> There will be turn On button or enable button, Tap on that On  or enable button.

For Samsung Devices:

> first go to in settings. Then go to in NFC and sharing setting.

>  Then go to in printing setting. There you will see HP print service plugin. Tap on turn On or enable button.

About Hp printer Service plugin: 

HP printer service plugin application is too much popular printing application for Android devices. It also works in Android Kitkat version 4.4.

This app supports HP printer, HP officejet, HP LaserJet, HP designjet, HP photosmart, HP Deskjet and HP envy.
By using this application you can also print from the gallery, photos, Google Drive, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and other many applications which allow to print.

This application also support Wi-Fi connect, USB cable connect and the Bluetooth connect.

I have tried to share my little knowledge with you in a simple language. If i have made any mistakes, then please forgive me.

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