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Captcha Code:
             If you use the Internet, then the name of the Captcha code you must be heard. If you do not know about captcha code, then you have tick or marked somewhere on I'm not a robot option. You have seen on the various site there is an option of I'm not a robot. If you will visit the popular site, then you have to fill up the Captcha code to enter on that sites.
I'm not a robot : What Captcha or reCaptcha Code - Dailynewlearn

If you create an account on any site like Google, Facebook, etc. Then you must have to fill up the captcha code or verify the reCaptcha code. Have you ever thought about why we have to fill up the captcha code or verify the reCaptcha code.

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There is no more difference between captcha code and recaptcha code, both are nearly similar but there is little bit difference between Captcha code and reCaptcha code. Both are used to keep our site safe and protected. So, now Let's know about captcha code.

What is the captcha code:

                          Captcha is the short form of Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computer Human Apart. The CAPTCHA code was first invented in 1997. At first Yahoo company used the captcha code. Earlier when the captcha code was not available, Hackers where doing spam to crash someone else sites or to increase the huge traffic on his site.

Hackers made the robot and through the robot they were doing too much spam. They created the huge amount of accounts in a second or in a minute through the help of that Robert or spamming method. In such a situation there was a confusion between human and robot. The site owner couldn't find out who is Robert and who is human.

To prevent such a kind of spamming captcha code was created. In captcha code the company set so many sloping or splay type of word. And they set some background noise or sloping lines because of that computer cannot scan that exact letter.

Captcha code prevented enough spasming because robot or computer cannot scan that type of word or robot can't read it, only a human can read that word. Sometimes human also cannot read that types of word. That's why there is a refresh option besides of every captcha code.

When human cannot understand the captcha code, then they click on refresh button and they get a new captcha code which a human can read.

  At first some numeric or some alphabetical later were shown in captcha code.Then captcha company design and they started to showing some difficult word.

Captcha company scanned all the Books and they find out which word computer cannot scan. And the word computer cannot scan that word set for captcha code.

In 2009 when Google came they also faced this type of spamming problem and then Google bought captcha code company. Then people were tiring of repeatedly fill up the captcha code.

Google Keep all these problems in mind and Google thought to make it easier. Before Google will do anything, in the market so many captcha fill up companies were established. Captcha fill up  company solved  all that captcha.

Then Google bring No captcha. In No captcha we have to tick or mark on I'm not a robot option. Then Google will give you the permission to enter on that site. Now the questions comes in your mind if we can mark on I'm not a robot option then why robot cannot mark on I'm not a robot option?

The answer is yes robot can also mark on I'm not a robot option but when you Mark on I'm not a robot option, then your IP address location and your activity or behaviour everything will go the Google. Even your cursor and fingerprint will go to the Google. Then Google can easily verify through your fingerprint or your movement of cursor.

If Google thinks 95% you are a human, then it will allow to enter on that site otherwise it will show you the captcha code or recaptcha code. Google will show you some images. The images will may be the bus images, car images, Traffic signals, etc.

So you have to identify that image and verify it. Then you can enter on that site.

It is called the No captcha because in No captcha we do not have to fill up any captcha code just we have to tick or select the images and we have to verify it. So due to the captcha code most of the spamming is prevented.
If you are providing a sign up option on your website, then I will recommend you to set the captcha code on your website otherwise and hackers will try to spam on your site, then maybe it will be crashed.

Some types of captcha Code:

       -Text Captcha:

                      In this type of captcha they will show you a sloping or splay type of text. You have to idenfy that word and then you can fill up that word.

      - Audio Captcha:

                          In this type of captcha code first you have to listen carefully that word, which captcha code will play and you have to  Fill up that word.

      - Images Captcha:

                            In this type of captcha you have to select or check mark the images. The name of the image will be indicated, you just have to select that name category images.

     - Math solving captcha:       

             In this type of captcha code you have to solve the mathematical problems like you  add, subtract, maybe multiply and divide. This type of captcha code does not ask more. Above 3 are more popular captcha code.

      - 3D captch:

                   In this type of Captcha you will see a code in a 3D image.

         - Ad injected captcha:

                         In this type of Captcha you will see a captcha code through the ad. This is not more popular captcha code. sometimes maybe you can see this captcha code but the maximum times you will see upper 3 text, audio and image captcha code. Also, you will see I'm not a robot captcha code on Google services.

You can easily find an ad injected captcha code because in ad injected the captcha code lies inside the inverted " " comma.

What is reCaptcha code:

                         Recaptcha code is similar to the captcha code Google invented it. By using this reCaptcha code Google prevent the spamming and it keeps the site safe.

The uses of captcha code is: it prevent the spamming and keep the data or our site safe. Also, it is used for the various type of safety.
How to Solve Captcha code or recaptcha code:

Captcha solving is not too much hard it's easy. All the captcha type is given above and you will see any one of them. And I have already told about them.

So, by the help of this instruction you can easily solve that captcha code.
In text captcha code you have to fill up the text code and in an image captcha code you have to find out the word from the image then fill up that word to solve the Captcha.

In audio captcha, listen carefully the captcha code through the audio and fill up that word to solve the captcha. By this method you can solve any captcha code. I have already told about it in types of captcha code.

In this post you have known about what is captcha code or reCaptcha. How does it works and how to solve the captcha code? I have just tried to share my little knowledge with you in a simple language if I have made a mistake then i'm sorry.

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