How to open and extract RAR files on Android with pictures - Daily new learn

How to open and Extract RAR files on Android mobile phone:
     In, this article teaches you how to open RAR or how to extract .rar files in android. Also, you will know about how to lock or secure RAR  files. How to unpack files in android.

We can not open or extract .rar files without any software or application. RAR extractor is pre-installed in some devices. So, in this pre-installed devices, we don‘t need other software. You can open or extract easily without external software.

In a computer we can easily extract or open RAR files or zip files by using winrar. I have already written an article on The topic 'What is RAR files and how to Open RAR files in a computer'. How to lock or secure RAR files.

How to open and extract RAR files on Android with pictures - Daily new learn

So, first Read that post about rar and winrar, then you will understand this article properly From the link.

You already know mobile phone is a minicomputer, so most of the works you can do from your smartphone. In desktop you can extract or open RAR files by using software called WinRAR. But in android you can open or extract .rar or Zip files by using the application called RAR.
Let's know about how to open or extract rar files in Android by using an RAR Application.

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How to Open Or Extract RAR files on Android:

            • First, download and install the application called RAR. You can download it from Google Play store. Type RAR or .rar in the play store search bar.

          • There will appear an RAR application. The icon of RAR file is a pileup of 3 Books. Each book color is different, (Red, blue and Green).

             • RAR application is published by win.rar Gmbh.

> Tap on RAR and install it.
                • Tap on RAR application, then there you will see a Install button. Tap on that install button and install it. Below you can see the RAR application icon.

How to open and extract RAR files on Android with pictures - Daily new learn

          • You can also download this RAR app from given Download link.

> After installing the application called RAR, open it.

         • Tap on RAR icon to open the application from your android phone home screen or from App drawer.
- Then, there you will see a list of files and some options in an interface.

> Tap on .rar files name.
       • To open rar files just tap on the name of your rar file which you want to open.

How to extract RAR files:

    Follow this method to extract RAR files on android.

> Select RAR files.
         • Select Your RAR files from appear result or from appear folders. In Right side of the RAR files, there you will see a check box.

    •If you want to select multiple files, then check mark the boxes. Only check mark that boxes which you want to extract.

How to open and extract RAR files on Android with pictures - Daily new learn

> Tap On Up Arrow icon.
            • After, select the files tap on Up arrow icon, which appear On top of the Screen.

- Then there you will see this extraction options or prompt.

Destination paths
            • Tap on destination path, then select the path, in which folder you want to keep your extract files.

             •There is three paths /0/RAR/.z, /0/.z and another one is /0 so, select it according to your desire. This is auto set.

Browse: Tap on this option and select or browse your folder, where you want to keep your extracted files.

• Also there you will see some options, you can set according to to your desire, but i will recommend you select buy default. Do not change other options.

     • There you will see a save settings option. If you don't want to extract your files then tap on save setting options and your files will save. Then next time you can extract your files from there.

How to open and extract RAR files on Android with pictures - Daily new learn

> Tap on OK button to extract.
            • If you need to extract your files quickly, then finally tap on OK button. Now your file is extracted. You can see it in your selected folder or in By default RAR created folder.

How to delete RAR files in rar app on Android:

To delete and rename files first close your RAR application. Then again Open RAR application.

> Select Appear RAR files or folders. Then tap on Delete icon which appear on Top of the screen.

   • Also, there is another method to delete rename your RAR files.

> First, long press on your RAR file which you want to delete or rename. Then there you will see such options.

Add to your files 'name' To RAR
            • Tap on this option to add your files into RAR. If your file is not an RAR file.

Add to archive.Tap on this option if you want to add your file in the archive.

copy to clipboard , cut , New folder,  rename and delete.
       • All these options you will see there, if you want to rename your files, then tap on rename option and rename your file.

      • If you want to delete your file just tap on delete option.

By using this application you can open and extract your rar files in your android devices. In another post i will tell you about how to open and rar files by using other applications.

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How to set a password in RAR files on Android:

         • By using this RAR application also you can lock and secure your files from others.

To lock and secure your files, follow these steps.

> Open RAR application.
       • first, open rar application. Then tap on an RAR+  icon, it’s appear on top of the screen besides the upward arrow icon.

> Then, there you will see some archiving option.
         • Go to in general. Then select file which you want to lock. Also, you can zip file, RAR 4.x file. Select which you want to lock.

How to open and extract RAR files on Android with pictures - Daily new learn

> Tap On set Password.
           • Tap on set password option, then write your preferred password. If you want to encrypt file name also, then check mark on a file name encrypt Box.

> Then, Tap on OK. Now if you want to delete your files after achieving then check mark this option.

> Again tap on Ok.
             After set up Again tap on Ok. Now you have set up your password and locked your rar files.

Little more about RAR Application:
Now RAR also support for USB OTG cable. It displays external card RAR files in favourite navigation panel.

RAR application improved the performance for android devices.  You can create RAR and Zip, unpack, TAR, GZ, BZ2, Xz,7z,ISO,ARJ Archives.

I have tried to share my little knowledge with you in a simple language if I have made a mistake then please forgive me.

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