What is Apple icloud storage | icloud drive & how it works | icloud paid plans

What is Apple icloud storage & How  it works:

Apple Icloud is a cloud storage. If you do not understand what is cloud storage, then I'm going to tell you in a simple way. You already know cloud lies in the air. And here is the name given icloud storage, so it means there are storage of iPhone in the air or cloud. By the help of this icloud storage you can store your data like photos, videos, music, documents etc from your iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc. And also you can back up your storage data in any iPhone, iPad, iMac or any others apple’s product.

What is Apple icloud storage | icloud drive & how it works | icloud paid plans

So now let us know about how the icloud storage works. Please try to understand it properly.


How Apple icloud storage works: 

First, there should be an account of Icloud storage in our iPhone. And Our iPhone, iPad, iMac must be logged in from that account.

When your iPhone will be connected or logged in with iCloud storage. Then automatically your icloud account will sync or store your data from your iPhone. For example, in an android phone Google Drive sync or store data from android phone in Drive. Same in iPhone, iPad, iMac icloud storage store data from that iPhone, iPad or iMac in icloud storage.

If your iCloud storage account has logged in into more than one iPhone, then you can see all the data of your iPhone in that iPhone or iMac or iPad and also you can see all the data of that iPhone or iPad in your iPhone or iMac or iPad.

The biggest advantage of this icloud storage is that if you lose your iPhone somewhere, or someone steals it. Then you can restore all the data from icloud storage. You have to sign in your that icloud account into another iPhone, iPad, iMac or MacBook.

If your iPhone storage get full or the space will below, then you can store your data in iCloud storage. And anytime anywhere you can restore your stored data into any of your iPhone or MacBook. Just you have to need wifi or good internet connection.

If you will buy a new iPhone, Then it will not be necessary to create an icloud account. And you will not even need to transfer data repeatedly. You will get back all your data by logging into that old icloud storage account.

If you want to create a new apple iCloud account in your new iPhone, then you can create it. It’s your desire there won’t be any problem.

Let me tell you one thing that the iPhone gives only 5GB free storage. At first, Apple provide us 5GB free storage then we have to buy some premium plans according to need and desires.

So let’s see first in iPhone what types of features are available in icloud.

  • Icloud Features:

> First of all you have to enter in settings. Then there you will see your iphone profile interface. Click on it.

> After that there you will see such types of options,

        - icloud
        - itunes & App store
        - share my location
        - set up family sharing etc.

sometimes these options will may be the change or may not be, it depends on iPhone update. But generally you can see these options.

After clicking on iCloud option again you will see a lot options. Such as,

• Manage Storage:

There you will see a manage storage. In this option you will see your total iPhone icloud storage. Also, you will see there how much storage is empty or how much is it used.

> If you will click on manage storage, it will take a few seconds to open.

When it will be open then there you will see which apps or documents used how much data.

> Also, there you will see an one important option that is change storage plan.

At first apple provided us 5GB free storage. But actually it is not sufficient. Because nowadays everyone wants to watch high video quality and other high quality things.

So after sometimes you have to buy premium plan or paid plan.

> when you will click on Change Storage Plan, then there you will see some such types of premium plans.

icloud storage premium plans

# 50GB => $0.99 per month
# 200GB => $2.99 per month
# 2TB =>$9.99 per month

If you want to buy any of these plans, then according to that plan charge, you should have to pay the money. If more storage is not needed to you, then I will recommend you to use free 5GB plan. If you think you need more storage, then you can buy premium plan.

How to buy Apple icloud premium storage plan:

If you do not know how to get premium storage plan, then don't worry I will write another post on this topic. And I will give the link here.

> After that while you will go back, then you will see so many options. Here I'm going to tell you about some important features.

* Photos
- icloud photos

How to use icloud photos:
It is same like Google photos. In Google photos, Google automatically backup your photos from your android phone. Same in iPhone icloud photos automatically store your photos. Then you watch and download your photos in any devices by logging your icloud account.

- My Photo Stream:
My photo stream is the limitation option. Here you can store only 1000 photos. In my photo you can store only the new photo because after 30 day automatically your photo will be deleted.

-Share Album:
In this option you can share your photos album with your friends.

If you want to use these options, then you have to click on enable or On button of that option.


Q. When I open the photo why does it look like a blur?

Ans: The reason is first icloud stored all that image from iPhone. Then your new iPhone trying to download all that image when you want to see the image from icloud. Then it may take sometimes to download. Also, it depends on your internet connection.

So don‘t be worry you wait sometimes it will not look like blur it will look clear. Once when you open it with good internet connection or with high speed wifi, then automatically it will be downloaded. And next time you will see the real image. This problem you will see when you will sign in your icloud id into another iPhone.

If you want to make a backup of your contact, then there you will see contact enable option. Click on it.

- safari
-news etc.

If you want to backup of these things into icloud, then enable all these options.


What is key chain in apple icloud:

key chain is an online password manager. When you are logging any account into your iPhone by entering your email address and password. Then key chain saves that email and password to logging same account next time without password.

If you have a lot of accounts and you frequently forget your password then you can use keychain. Key chain's biggest advantage is that it is encrypted, your password will be safe no one can hack it.

If you want to use it, then you just click on keychain enable or on button. Then all your password will be safe. If you are using online banking, It will keep your password totally safe.

- Find my iphone:
By the help of this option you can find your iPhone. When you will lose your iPhone somewhere or someone has stolen your phone. Then by the help of apple id you can find it.

icloud Backup:
This is the most important option. When you will enable your icloud backup option, then icloud automatically will take a backup from your iPhone when your phone will be charged or in charging and wifi will be connected.

If you want to restore your data from icloud, then it is so simple you have to login into your icloud account and there you will see a restore icloud option you have to click on that option. Then your data will be download into your device.

- icloud drive:
Icloud drive is same like cloud storage. When you will enable or on an icloud drive, then automatically icould app will be install. Then you can keep your data into icloud drive. I will write another post about an icloud drive.

- Application & Software:
If any apps will install on your iPhone, then also you will see that apps there and there will be an enable options. When you will enable that options, then you will get backup all that notifications , messages etc into your icloud.

I have just tried to share my knowledge with all of you. If I have made any mistake, then please forgive me. You also Share your knowledge in comment.

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