What is LOST.DIR Folder & How to recover lost files from Lost.DIR on SD Card

Hello friends, today we will know about what is Lost.DIR folder in Android devices. How does it works and what is the advantage and disadvantage of Lost.DIR folder?

What is LOST.DIR Folder & How to recover lost files from Lost.DIR on SD Card - dailynewlearn

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If you are using an Android device, then you must have heard or seen the folder name Lost.DIR. If you want to see this then, You open the file manager of your smartphone.
There you will see so many folders and also you will see there lost.dir folder.  Android users seen the Lost.DIR folder but they do not know what is lost.dir folder and how does it work. So, let's know about what is lost.dir folder on Android phones.

What is Lost.DIR folder on Android:

          Lost.DIR is the system folder  you can see this folder in memory card or SD card. We also called Lost.Directory folder to Lost.DIR folder. In simple lost means loose and DIR means directory. Lost.dir folder is the collection of Lost files.

Lost.DIR is the Android operating system, it saves or store lost or log files into Lost.DIR folder. This folder will be automatic created when you will reboot your phone or maybe while you will do any works at that time your phone will be reset or reboot.

Maximum time this folder will be empty but sometimes you will see there some log files with different types of name. It is one type of recycle bin in your Android device but If you delete a file, then it does not store. It stores at that time when you are doing any work in android device and suddenly it will be stopped.

what types of files stored in lost.dir folder:

      When you are downloading something in your smartphone and your phone get switched off. Then your downloading will be stopped. When you are sharing any data with another phones at that time due to the low battery your phone will be switched off then this process will be stopped.  and your data will not be share or copy properly. When you are transferring any files or data in your SD card from your computer and your mobile phone will be switched off.

In this situation Android operating system copy that stopped data or files in lost.dir folder. Because of which when we will download or copy that same file again, then it will be a start from same position. By the help of Lost.DIR folder we can download or restart same thing in in our Android phones.  Maybe Android operating system also copying this type of files in another folder.

You must have seen in any third party file sharing application. When we share a file, sometimes it stopped for some reason. In this condition Android operating system save or Store that files or data in Lost.DIR folder. Whenever we share it again, then the file shares from there. From where it was stopped. So we share any files easily in short time.

On which conditions the files is being saved in Lost.DIR folder:

There may be many reasons of saving files in Lost.DIR folder but here I will tell you about some common situations.

- When files or data is being transferred to your SD card And suddenly you remove the SD card from your phone.

- When you were transferring files to someone else smart phone from your phone and the file stops in the processing.

- When you are downloading something from the internet and for some reason the downloading will be stopped before download complete.
- When an application is running in your android phone and your phone will be suddenly switched off.

- Accidentally, when your phone does not respond, your Android operating system will be frozen.

What will happen if you delete Lost.DIR folder:

Deleting Lost.DIR Folder Will Not Have a Specific Problem and there will not be more difference. Sometimes maybe you will lose some files or data. That's why you recover that Lost or log files fast as soon as possible. To recover it you can also use any recovery application.

In Lost.DIR folder the name of your original files will may be changed  into some strange names. So don‘t  worry about it. Lost.dir folder will cover Android phone storage. To free up Android phone storage you can delete this Lost.DIR folder from your phone.

I will suggest you that before deleting the Lost.DIR folder, restore or recover the necessary data from Lost.DIR folder with the help of any Recovery application.

After, deletion of Lost.DIR folder when you will boot your phone then automatically Lost.DIR folder will be created. When you will insert your memory card or SD card in your phone. Because Lost.DIR is the by default folder in Android OS.

When you boot your phone or insert, a SD card in your phone at that time you have noticed about one thing.  Your smartphone will receive a preparing external SD card notification.

At that time Android operating system checking that Lost.DIR folder which is already created in your phone. If any file is missing there, then automatically it will create new Lost.DIR folder.

How to recover lost files from lost.dir folder:

You can recover lost files from Lost.DIR folder but can not recover the deleted files from lost.dir folder by this method. So let's know about it. Please, you read and try to understand this properly.

> First of all you have to download Lost.DIR folder from the PlayStore or other download link. It is a paid version you can see the icon below.
If you want to download this application from the Play Store, you have to pay some charges. You can search this free download application link on Google.

Lost.DIR folder icon
What is LOST.DIR Folder & How to recover lost files from Lost.DIR on SD Card - dailynewlearn

> After installing lost.dir folder please open it.

> When you will open lost.dir folder application in your phone then you will see there Two Steps.

Step 1 is:

First must copy the directory Lost.DIR on the external SD card to the internal phone storage.

When done continue with step 2.

Step 2 is:

Touch the screen then navigate to the copy of Lost.DIR in the file browser.
These two steps are recommended by The Lost.DIR application.

> Now before to do anything in LOST.DIR application please copy your all  data from SD card lost.dir folder into your phone storage Lost.DIR folder.

> when you will copied that data into your internal phone storage in LOST.DIR folder then again open Lost.DIR application and follow step 2.

> step 2 says that navigate to the copy of Lost.DIR file into File Browser to do it touch anywhere on your mobile screen.

> when you will touch on your screen, then you will see so many folders also there will be a LOST.DIR  folder, click on it.

> Then you will see the total number of files stored in Lost.DIR folder. Touch the screen to start.

> Then there you'll see the analyze result. It will be such like this,

         Files Total: 20
         Analyzed: 20
         Identified: 6
         Renamed: 6

So, now you will check your internal phone storage in Lost.DIR folder. You will see the corrupted file or lost file will be recover or repaired.

Note: It cannot repair or recover all the files it can recover some special kind of lost or corrupted files.

How to recover photos from Lost.DIR folder By rename method:

Rename Method:

> first, you download the application ES File Explorer from PlayStore. After installation you open it.

> In ES File Explorer you will see there so many folders you have to click on Lost.DIR folder. And open it.

> There you will see so many corrupted files and you will be confused to select the image files because all the files will be in same format. So you select all the files.

> Below you will see a rename option, click on it.

> Then there you will see rename extension name default option. On this option you just rename the default to jpg or .JPG,

example: Abc default
Renamed: Abc jpg

Then your file will be recovered and you can see all the images in your folder.

By using these method you can repair or recover your lost data.

Related things you should remember about Lost.DIR folder:

- Do not switched off your android phone suddenly. First you close all that applications which is running in your phone. 

- Do not suddenly remove SD card. If the data of your SD card is being used in any process, then please wait for the complete process.

- Do not Switched off the mobile during downloading or file transfer. If automatically it will be switched off, then don't be worry you can recover or store it from lost.dir folder.

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